Partners and Clients

Our customers and partners are JSC «ERSTE Bank», hotel "Khreshchatyk", Ophthalmology and Aesthetic Medicine Center "AILAZ", the company «Sport Fishing», UW Investments Limited; George V Restoration ("Buddha-Bar").

Enterprises: "Vivas", "Total R Financial Group Ltd.", "Express Moto Ukraine", "Malinovoye", MPK "Pridesnyansky Ltd.“

Companies "DKT", "Talent Group", "Euroshow," "Tereks», «Biletik», «Phoenix Shield"

Publication: Premium Magazine "So Vkusom"

Flower shop network "Green Gallery", Trade House «DaVanti».

Construction companies, cleaning companies, public organizations: "Business Women's Club", “Modus Vivendi"- a way of life", the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga, Ukrainsan Runner Association, the "Kamikado" Center (Aikido, Aiki-jitsu, Ken-jutsu) and many other, many businessmen and individuals across the country and abroad.


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