• Collection of poems "Notions"
  • The script of the film "End of War"
  • Essay, "Doomed to Love"
  • Essay, "Rethinking"
  • Collection of poems " Rethinking "
  • Scenario of humorous show "HUMORVISION"
  • Collection of literary works "Scenario of the" Black Square with Yulia Krylova”
  • Audiovisual work, "Another World"
  • The slogan "Promise of SushiYA»
  • Scenario of the" Black Square with Yulia Krylova”
  • The script of the author's musical and entertainment programs, "Another World"
  • The article " SushiYA is a special place"
  • Collection of Music "Butterfly"
  • A work of art education, "Sketches of beds for children's rooms"
  • The collection of illustrations for children's book "Notions"
  • Scenario of weekly comedy show "Uncle Jora COMEDY SHOW»

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