Purchase of rights:

  • Consultation on the conformity of verbal, visual, and other signs to the conditions of legal protection as a trademark in Ukraine;
  • Conducting an information search for the presence of similar or identical trademarks and preparing an opinion on the search results;
  • Paperwork to apply for registration, both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Filing an application for registration;
  • Support for registration of filed application (submission of additional documents to examination request);
  • Preparation and filing of petition to amend the filed application.
  • Preparation and filing of petition for accelerated examination procedure for the trademark applications and the certificate issuance;
  • Getting a certificate for a trademark.

Maintaining the certificate validity of a trademark:

  • Extension of the trademark certificate;
  • Preparation and filing of petition to amend the trademark certificate for goods and services.

Privacy Policy:

  • Submission of objections to the State Service for Intellectual Property Chamber of Appeals against the decision on the application for a trademark;
  • Representation in court in cases of illegal use of the trademark.


  • of trademarks;
  • of the damage caused by illegal use of the trademark.


  • Development and submission for registration of license agreements for the trademark use, contracts for the transfer of trademark rights, franchise agreements (franchise);
Registered Trademarks
During the registration process

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